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I realize that technically speaking I might not be the right person for the job. It starts out with me never having heard the word “widget” before, although I use the internet every day.

When I look at this software, it looks so well thought through, every difficulty is anticipated and explained in advance, there are FAQ-pages, probably all of them fool-proof. I need to learn a lot to be able to answer questions that have not already been answered.

Yet I do think that I could be quite useful as a happiness engineer. I speak and write three languages fluently. I am not a techie – I can explain things in words that even someone with very little computer knowledge would be able to understand. On the other hand, I feel comfortable dealing with computer things and learning new computer stuff any time. I have successfully worked at a computer helpdesk in a bank before. I know that I can learn all I need to know about WordPress to be able to help people eventually. And I am that friendly, smiling and patient type of person you would want to see at any helpdesk.

Besides, I’ll be the shining candle at any staff gathering, spreading a bit of light and warmth among people.

Hello world!

Hello everybody,

this is my first serious attempt at blogging. I read about Automattic and WordPress in the newspaper a few weeks ago. Then I had a look at the respective websites, saw a job ad – and since then, the idea of applying for a job as a happiness engineer with Automattic has not really loosened its grip on me. Those who know me are aware that I enjoy helping people (in several languages) and working in an international environment. In the special case of working with Automattic, an extra advantage would be that their employees work from home almost all year, so next time my husband decides to change jobs and we need to move away, I would not have to quit my own job again.

So here I am, thinking that I should at least know what wordpress is all about and how it works, before I apply for the job. And I can already see that they have made a special effort to make things really easy for new bloggers. Even how to delete a comment is explained right at the beginning, with the opportunity to try it out right there – very clever.

Now I will work my way through all the design options and other things I can do with my blog to see how things work. And in a bit, let Automattic have my CV.